Remote control for Hotel

Remote control Hotel TV

Superior remote control Hotel TV, ideal for sector Hospital and Hotel. Without MENU (no more mismatches by users) has the essential functions, just think that key issues must touch. You can control a TV and if you want two devices eg TV and DTT with changing channels on both devices. Assistance to develop customized, special codes.

Optimal size keys for ease of use, makes all the basic functions such as sequential and direct change, volume, teletext, mute, info, etc.


  • Programmable remote computer through IR-USB interface.
  • Reprogrammable universal for all brands, the software is updated online daily.
  • Two in one, use 1 TV or 2 devices TV + Freeview (DTT)
  • Inaccessible Menu key prevents deprogramming or alteration of in functions and user, (mode hotel) on any TV or Freeview.
  • No memory lost when changing batteries.
  • Elegant black glass and lengthened for better grip design, two rows of keys provide access to functions.
  • Power supply 2 AAA alkaline batteries.
  • CE standard and RoHS.


It connects to your computer via USB. Software included for Windows

Superior programmer infrared remote controls

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